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At the beginning of 2013 I started doing talks. They are all based on my personal experience, anecdotes from my daily life, my career as an athlete, the working environment and my path throughout education. I do them either in Catalan, Spanish or English.

Up until, I’ve performed in front of more than 10,000 people in many different settings and locations: international companies, family businesses, TED talks, sports clubs, prisons, public or private schools, organizations for disabled people, for immigrants, prostitutes, transgender people and other vulnerable communities, coaching seminars, etc. both in big cities or small towns across Catalonia, Spain, little tours in the United States and even one in Russia.

My talks can be classified in three general categories:

  1. Motivational talks for companies, events, coaching courses and for organizations that work with people at risk of social exclusion, among others.
  2. Training talks for future professionals at professional schools, universities, sports clubs or at other courses aimed at future teachers, social educators, journalists, sports instructors, coaches, etc.
  3. Educational talks at schools, high schools, sports clubs, professional schools, special education schools, etc.

The main topics that I talk about are:

  1. Following your dreams.
  2. Facing our fears.
  3. Managing negative emotions.
  4. The importance of imagination.
  5. Breaking stereotypes and prejudice on diversity.
  6. Raising awareness on people with disabilites.

Depending on the schools’ or companies’ priorities, talks can be adapted and more emphasis can be put in different aspects.

Furthermore, all talks are done from an optimistic point of view. Talks are also spontaneous and include lots of sense of humour, in order to break the ice and give them a family feel.

Nevertheless, if you want to know more about my talks, feel free to browse the rest of this site’s sections. Unfortunately, so far none of my talks in English have been recorded, although my TEDx Talk has automatically translated English subtitles available from the Spanish subtitles, as explained in this link. You can also find comments from the attendees on my Twitter and Facebook.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Joan @ MiradasDoc

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