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  • Xerrada a empresa
  • Xerrada a empresa
  • Xerrada a empresa
  • Xerrada a empresa
  • Xerrada a empresa
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Motivational talks for companies can be for employees in general, for specific departments (i.e. human resources) or for the management. Nice occasions to include a talk in an organization are the beginning of important projects, the advent of crucial deadlines, the inaguration of new facilities or state of the art equipment, when changes are being made in the culture of a company, when there is a crisis, etc. The main goal of the talks is to boost the energy and confidence of the attendees in order to face their challenges both inside and outside of the company.

All talks are adapted to the needs of each company and usually treat topics, aside from the ones mentionned in the Overview section, such as teamwork, relationships, the importance of communication, effort and the pursuit of common goals.

The format and duration of the talks is also flexible and it can range from 20 minutes to an hour and a half.

You can watch a video with the essence of my motivational talks at: Tú decides tu camino (TEDxGràcia).

Adecco Foundation

Since late 2014 I also do talks in collaboration with the Adecco Foundation. The aim of these talks is to raise awareness within companies on people with disabilities and other vulnerable minorities that have more difficulties when finding a job. Here is my introduction as a collaborator of the Foundation.

Other talks that I’ve done are at shools or high schools of children of the company’s employees. For more information, visit the section Talks: Education.


Some of the companies and organizations for whom I’ve worked are (in no particular order):

Airbus, Fujitsu, Schindler, Toyota, Endesa, Catimini, La Caixa, Altrad Rodisola, Relieves Egara, SAT Nicolases, Fundació Agbar, FinConsum, Adecco, Fundación Adecco, Ayuntamiento de Maspalomas, Ayuntamiento de Guía de Isora, Ajuntament de Sant Cugat, etc.

If you would like to hire me for a talk or for a related project or if you want more information, feel free to contact me.

Xerrada a empresa

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